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What I Believe – Edgar Cayce



“I certainly believe that the information contained in hundreds of readings in our files help to clarify and explain my bible for me.  I consider the Bible the greatest of all records of psychic experiences.” - Edgar Cayce, What I Believe


  Bible Playbook Rhymes and Reasons  



Who Was Who is in all the subjects

As are quotes from The Book of Man

In the Cayce Bible Playbooks,

So read them to understand



The Anti-Christ and the Arts

Body Beautiful and Brotherhood

By Their Names,  Economic Healing

Both Crusades and doing good

Who Was Who

Edgar Cayce

Bible Playbooks


Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.



Dreams and Ancient Egypt

Elementals and Eternal Life

Forgiveness, Grace, Great Commission

Stonehenge and Altars of Sacrifice



Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness

Heaven and Earth and Holidays:

A Search for God, Prayers for Healing

The Lord our God and His Ways

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 The Book of Books


“For the book of Books IS the greater source of psychic experiences of individuals, and as to WHAT they did ABOUT such! Even from Adam to John – or from Genesis to Revelation. These are living examples that are thine. For each day is thy Eden; yea, each evening is the call, “Whosoever WILL let him come and take of the water of life freely.” Cayce 1598-1 [Revelation 22:17]


Bible Study/Cayce Forum Wednesdays 7 p. m.

 “Read it (the Bible) to be wise.  Study it to understand.  LIVE it to know that the Christ walks through same with thee.  For, as He gave, in righteousness may ye know those things that have been preserved from the foundations of the worlds in thine own experience.  - Edgar Cayce -  (262-60)  (John 14:26)                                                    

Study Books: Let There Be Light  and Who Was Who Cayce Bible Playbook               


 Who Was Who Cayce Forum 

From Atlantis/Adam to Zebedee - Learn all about the Cayce legacy while experiencing the spiritual journey through song and verse about how life on the spiritual path had been at the original NYARE.   


Study Books: Soul Quest the Legacy and Who Was Who Cayce Bible Playbook


Revelation Study Groups – Saturdays 7 P.M.

“For if you will read the Book of Revelation with the idea of the body as the interpretation, you will understand yourself and learn to really analyze, psychoanalyze, mentally analyze others.  But you will have to learn to apply it in self first.” Edgar Cayce 4083-001     Revelation Study group


Study Books: Ballad of The Revelation and Who Was Who Cayce Bible Playbook

Books are available at study groups and ARE of NY Bookstore  

Who Was Who Transpersonal Arts Sats. 8:30 p.m.      

Surfing the Akasha

Edgar Cayce Legacy A to Z

Films plus Cayce on the Subjects and those who were there

Reference Books: Who Was Who and Who Was Who Cayce Bible Playbook

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