How Edgar Cayce Did It

The work of Edgar Cayce attests to his ability to access the akashic records, the temple of God in heaven (Rev. 11:19-15:5) and relay information about health, pre-history, the Bible, the Master Jesus and numerous other subjects by which many are still being healed and enlightened.  How he accomplished this was first published in the NY Times Sunday, October 9, 1910 from Dr. W. H. Ketchum’s article presented to the Boston Medical Society reprinted in his book: The Discovery of Edgar Cayce: and later defined as the harmonious triune.


“When asked to give the source of his knowledge, he being at this time in the sub-conscious state, he stated: ‘Edgar Cayce’s mind is amenable to suggestion, the same as all other sub­conscious minds, but in addition there­to it has the power to interpret to the objective mind of others what it ac­quires from the sub-conscious mind of other individuals of the same kind. The subconscious mind forgets noth­ing. The conscious mind receives the impression from without and trans­fers all thoughts to the sub-conscious, where it remains even though the con­scious be destroyed.’ He described himself in the third person, saying further that his sub-conscious mind is in direct communication with all other sub­conscious minds, and is capable of interpreting through his objective mind and imparting impressions re­ceived to other objective minds, gathering in this way all knowledge pos­sessed by millions of other sub­conscious minds.”


“In all, young Cayce has given more than 1,000 readings, but has never turned his wonderful powers to his pe­cuniary advantage, although many peo­ple have been restored to health by fol­lowing out the course of treatment pre­scribed in his readings”


The Harmonious Triune

13. (Q) Considering the book which is being written on Edgar Cayce's life and work, the revision of the various pamphlets of the Association, and the confusion and misconception of terms in the public mind, please give at this time a term which will best describe Edgar Cayce and his ability to give "Readings."

(A) Application of the harmonious triune; or that as may be determined by those who may "make" a word or term to designate the various phases of the activities presented through such information.

To be sure, it is psychic - or of the soul. As is stated, this is confusing to many whose knowledge or awareness is only of some mediumistic seance or of some activities founded upon an experience of individuals that has led to such a train of thought.

It is the harmony of the triune - of body, mind and soul - towards the purpose of being a help, an assistance, an aid to others.  254-108   Cayce Source No Nos


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