Ballad of The Revelation

The Revelation is a personal experience,

           a vision that is meant to show

The workings of the inner man

          to those who seek to know.


The symbols are forces that may war

          with the senses and consciousness until

The body in the material world

          is spiritualized by the will.

                      Elyse Curtis, Ph. D.                     

A Short History  of

The Revelation Study Group

Elyse Curtis, Ph. D.

On March 24, 1930 Edgar Cayce gave a reading (2501-6) for a 20-year old girl with thyroid deficiency who was suffering from a severe case of nervous instability.  He recommended that it would be very good if the doctor would read The Revelation and understand it especially in reference to that body. 

Three years later, members of the Norfolk Study Group #1 began taking a series readings on The Revelation.

In all, Edgar Cayce gave twenty-three readings on The Revelation over a ten-year period 1933-1943 in the #281 series (281-16-63).  The first four years were on The Revelation text and the next six years were on the glands.

Following the prime directive of the organization to research the work, members of the first New York ARE affiliate in Chelsea, which included Nell Clairmonte and Shane Miller, began a seven-year study of the twenty-three Revelation readings.  The results of which were published originally in a loose-leaf folder (including #2501-6) as A Commentary on the Book of The Revelation Based on a Study of Twenty-Four Psychic Discourses by Edgar Cayce.

 In the evolutionary process, Shane Miller produced a series of slides based on the “Commentary,” Edward Irion began a study group at the Beach and wrote a book and I began a study group at the center of the first affiliate on 16th Street that studied the “Commentary.”  After moving into the old center in Chelsea when the ARE moved to 35th St., I “received” a musical on The Revelation, with 35 songs in three days accompanied by a “blue light,” wrote the booklet, Ballad of the Revelation that explained The Revelation in verse, “received” a system of worship, Revelation Theology, in 1971, which became the foundation of my ministry many years later, and began another study group at the second ARE affiliate on 28th St. as a spiritual outreach part of Science of Light, the Transpersonal Arts organization I created after receiving an MA at Atlantic University.

The Revelation Study Group was resumed at the center on 30th St. as an ARE Study Group because of a vivid dream I had in which I was told to plant a tree for Nell and a tree for Shane, both of whom worked on the “Commentary” and were the first and second directors of the NY ARE before moving to the Beach.  Sadly, the great research contribution of the first NY ARE was discontinued by the ARE Press in 2008. Happily, it is replaced in our study group by the *Ballad of the Revelation, which the group has fun rapping as they follow the injunction from the readings on this most difficult book of the Bible:

“For if you will read the Book of Revelation with the idea of the body as the interpretation, you will understand yourself and learn to really analyze, psychoanalyze, mentally analyze others.  But you will have to learn to apply it in self first.” 4083-001  

The Revelation Study Group meets at the ARE of NY, Saturdays at 7 p. m. followed by Science of Light Transpersonal arts and is an integral part of the *Who Was Who Edgar Cayce Bible Playbook studies at the Bible Study/Cayce Forum at the center on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.  


Excerpted from article by Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.  that appeared in Venture Inward Magazine  Nov/Dec. 1996, ©Copyright 2006,  Elyse Curtis, Ph.D. Excerpt from Ballad of The Revelation. © 1971 by Elyse Donathan, All Rights Reserved