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Sex Changes    


Why innate traits of one gender imprinted on the soul memory can be overpowering emotionally while in the body of the opposite physical gender is explored through the sex change incarnations throughout the historic eras of those listed in the Who Was Who Past Life Directory Based on the Edgar Cayce Discourses    ECLegacyWho Was Who             Who/Cayce Bible Playbook   


Who Was Who Sex Changes Edgar Cayce Legacy Bible Playbook is available from Amazon and as an e-book from Kindle and Create Space.                     Cayce legacy                              Book Club History

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The WHO WAS WHO Past-Life Directory Based on the Edgar Cayce Discourses, which is a major fun and teaching tool used as a Q & A reference book at the ARE of NY Cayce Forum/Bible Study Group and at the SOL Who Was Who Transpersonal Arts lecture series because it touches on all historic the eras, is an invaluable concise reference companion book for all EC Legacy Book Club selections including the new Who Was Who Edgar Cayce Legacy Bible Playbooks.                                         Who Was Who Order Form

 Who Was Who Sex Changes Edgar Cayce Legacy Bible Playbook

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 Part I - The Body, Mind, Soul Trinity


1. The Third Dimensional Body



Part II Sex Change Incarnations


Part III Sex Changes Through the Ages


Birth of the EC Legacy Book Club


On January 28, 2015, I discovered that in error, I had left at home the DVD on the Book of Samuel that we were watching in the Bible Study/Cayce Forum group.  However, I had begun reading David Kahn’s engrossing book, My Life With Edgar Cayce* on the train, so we decided to read it aloud.  We got as far as the point where he spoke of his parent’s skepticism based on Samuel, Saul and the witch of Endor!   (Which we spoken about briefly the week before!)  That section of Chapter one, “In The Time Before…” ended with David quoting what Cayce said to his concerned:


“Cayce explained that he was not calling up ghosts of the departed.  “I do not deal with the dead or with spirits,” he said. “Mine is more from my mind or from my unconscious mind, which I have no explanation for; I do not consult the dead.”  


“My mother agreed that whatever it was, it was not spiritualism; it was something else, something we did not understand, but it was obviously not dealing in spirits.  My father gradually became more interested and ultimately lent his entire support to what we were doing.  Otherwise, we would not have gone along with it.” P. 26



Later, readings were taken on exactly how Cayce did it (through the harmonious triune).  I had documented this three years before in an article How Cayce Did It for the Cayce Warrior News.  - Elyse Curtis, Ph. D.




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