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Elyse Curtis, Ph. D., Atlantic U. Ambassador and Cayce Scholar 

Vol. II  June, 2015

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Venture inward


The Cayce Warrior anticipates the 50th Anniversary edition of Hugh Lynn Cayce’s book, Venture Inward as Venturing Inward and congratulations AU Alumni brother, Kevin Todeschi, on his article: “Dangerous Doorways to the Unconscious,” in the ARE Blog.                                                       View article online or mobile browser.



This long awaited repeat of the dangerous doorways highlighted in Hugh Lynn’s article in the 1959 Searchlight will bring that much-needed message to the ARE national and regional centers that are in danger of  straying from the warnings given by the sleeping Cayce from the Akashic level of truth if they condone or include some of those practices in their programming and ignore the often quoted  verse from  the Gospel of John:


 He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” - John 10:1


Dangerous Doorways Into the Unconscious

Among the dangerous doorways into the unconscious in Hugh Lynn’s article was  not only the Quija Board, but automatic writing, mediums, spiritualism, pendulums and any mechanical device on which one asks for a reply.  The cases he documented were frightening and tragic leading to insanity or suicidal tendencies.   He considered that the participants had not climbed up the right way, but had entered through cellar doors.

Spirituality is The Recommended Way


Spirituality is the recommended way

But spiritualism is a nay, nay, nay!

Calling on discarnates could get you possessed

And you’ll end up needing an exorcist!



Card readers, mediums, crystal balls,

And Ouija boards are frowned upon

As dangerous and unreliable

What’s recommended is going to the SON.


Where Did The Information Come From?

Everything that happens is written on the skein of time and space (1152-3). . Biblically it is the book of life (Rev. 20:12). Individually, we call our personal records in the kingdom of God within (Lu. 7:21) “memory,” which can be accessed at will by just thinking about events in our present lives.   


Universally, it is the collective record, the level of truth that can be accessed by anyone through the harmonious triune (body, mind, spirit attunement), which was how Edgar Cayce did it.  He accessed the temple within and “read” what was truthfully written in the Book of Life.



“For the entity gained that understanding that the kingdom indeed is within, and there He has promised to meet each soul! For HE alone is the church, and He is the bridegroom; and individuals indeed meet Him within their own experiences.” 1552-1


“Then as He hath given, and as ye heard so oft, "The kingdom is within." Turn ye within, for there in the temple of thine own body is the temple of the living God, where He hath promised to meet thee, to commune with thee, and to give thee the supply of ALL that may be needed within thine experience!” 1770-2


“Then when the answer has come - for it has been given by Him that is Life, that the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, is within; and we view the kingdom of God without by the application of those things that are of the spirit of truth - These then answered, ye seek again in the inner consciousness.” 0987-2


Why A Cayce Legacy Warrior


Considering the negative publicity about pseudo “psychics” and “mediums” whose methods are not condoned, but are advised against from the level of truth by the “Sleeping Prophet,” it behooves those who follow his work to protect and separate his legacy from those practices by not connecting his name or the organization with them, which only taints the body of his work and those who are genuinely connected to it, and puts its validity in jeopardy.  


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The Rev. Dr. Elyse Curtis (Ph. D. Union, Religion and Transpersonal Arts, Graduate Fellowship NYU, Religious Studies, MA Atlantic Univesity,  Transpersonal Studies, BA Fordham U, Theatre, minor Religious Studies,  All Faiths International Seminary,  MSC, Minister of Spiritual Counseling, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Professor of Religion and Transpersonal Arts, Artistic Director of Broadway Tomorrow Musical Theatreof the Spirit, actor/dramatist/song writer, author/researcher and creator of Revelation Theology and Science of Light Transpersonal Arts Ministry, has been a student of the Cayce material since 1956, a consistent ARE volunteer in Virginia Beach, where she worked for headquarters as a singer at the Marshalls with her husband, pianist Norman Curtis, and  in NY since 1964 through two separate ARE’s of NY and four locations, where she served on the council in both and as bookstore manager for 14 years.  Currently, Dr. Curtis, whose life has been dedicated to service and study of The Bible, is creator/facilitator of the Revelation and Bible Study/Cayce Forum Study Groups, and Atlantic U. Ambassador. 


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