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“Ye Olde Historian” Revelations II - May, 2015


“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock…” (Rev. 3:20)*


“I subscribe to THE OPEN DOOR, the Newsletter of the New York A.R.E. ASSOCIATES and I think they are doing a wonderful job, uniting the various groups into various activities where all can participate. It reminds me of the old days when the N.Y. Council of A.R.E. was first established “and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof for the people had a mind to work.” [Nehemiah 4:6]


This statement by Gladys Davis appeared in her 5/16/80 memo to A.R.E. Managers.  -  254-105 R4.


                                                                     *Referenced 88 times in the Cayce Discourses

The Open Door Newsletter -  NY Council of the ARE


The Open Door Newsletter in the 1980’s, of which Gladys spoke, was produced by core study group members in the interim between closing of the first center and creation of the second center in the 90’s.  


The NY Council of the ARE, of which I served as secretary in the 1960’s both on 16th St. and 35th St. with David and Lucille Kahn “when all the wall was joined together..” was re-vitalized in the second center, where I served as treasurer and Book store Manager.   Another member from 35th St. who served on the council at both centers and also on the Board of Directors on 30th St. was Kenneth Klein, who transitioned 3/16/2015.   Kenneth, who had also had been one of the facilitators of the Dream Study Group, showed up in my dream froth with symbols.

Elyse Donathan Curtis, Ph.D.

A Dream of Ken  April 19, 2015 - Interpret the Symbols


Ken and I were on 49th Street East of Fifth Ave. standing on the sidewalk under scaffolding next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral (the façade of which was obviously being repaired.). It seems like there were two Kens. One had on a lighter colored shirt. 


I had heard something puzzling that I wanted to ask his opinion about.  I prefaced my question with something like: “I’m not a scientist…”  and went on to tell him that someone said that when the sun completes its orbit, it makes a loop at that point and moves on to its next orbit, but that old one remains and the pattern continues leaving behind lots of suns that have orbited.  The same thing happens with Uranus.   


At that point a noisy group of people came around the corner. I said they shouldn’t be making all this noise under St. Patrick’s. They or Ken said they had been in the basement of St. Matthews. They had been demonstrating to have Uranus removed.




Forty-Ninth St. –  A numerical 4 = City Foursquare


East of Fifth Ave – Toward the rising sun (new day) away from the self will (5)


Cathedral/Churches – Spiritual Centers (ARE?)  


St. Patrick - (Got rid of Snakes)  - Scaffold – Repairs in progress


Elyse Curtis – EC – Edgar Cayce (Center)


Two Kens – Two Witnesses: subconscious and super-consciousness minds


Orbits of Sun and Uranus: - Cycles: Time periods


Protestors – Those questioning cycles and wishing Uranus removed


Uranus – Extremes


“Ye Olde Historian” Revelations – April, 2015

A Brief History of the Second ARE of NY Center


Twenty-four years after the original ARE of NY center closed, a group of interested SFG members, including Lynne Salomon (later Miceli), Sylvia Chappell, Richard Ottens and Cliff Braverman, the “core four” handled the incorporation, raised the funds and rented space for the center on 28th St., which opened September, 1997 as a non-profit, membership organization maintained by volunteers.


Symbology of The Revelation


As if enacting the symbology of The Revelation (the great research project of the first ARE of NY), in which the 24 Elders bow down in the process that leads to the city foursquare, the symbology continues as the two witnesses that stand before the God of earth are represented by the two members of the “core four,” Lynne Salomon Miceli and Sylvia Chappell, who are currently on the Board.


Two Witnesses


As the matriarchs of the second ARE of NY, they have served well over the past 17 years in both locations (28th St. and 30th St.). In addition to serving on the council, Lynne Salomon volunteered as Center Director for untold hours each day for 11 years, and among her other duties, Sylvia Chappell volunteered as program director.  It was she who gave many “practitioners and lecturers” including Jacob Rosen, who asked me to document this history, their first opportunity to give a lecture or workshop at the center.   All those here now are indebted to the two witnesses.


By Their Names – The Name Game


After Lynne and her husband, Peter Miceli, moved to the Beach in 2009 and Lenny Cassara (also a long-time volunteer from 28th St.) was acting director, Sweta Parma, the new part-time program director asked me if I knew anyone who could lecture on Edgar Cayce.  I was still facilitating two groups: The Revelation and The Cayce Forum, so I suggested Bob Revay.  However, we were not able to locate Bob (he might have transitioned), then I suggested Mark Finnan, a Revelation connection, but there were no funds available for his travel expenses,  so I told  Sweta  Jacob Rosen had done the Cayce Remedies.  Because of that recommendation, he was able to do other non-Cayce remedy workshops and the symbology evidenced in all the names in this saga continues.


Response to First ARE of NY Post

*Wow ...this is great Dr. Curtis!  It's a time capsule!  So interesting to see in pictures the evolution of ARE.   Thank you for taking the time to do this.”     Harrie


“Thanks for putting this together.”      Ken


Thank you so much for sharing this Dr. C!  So many people have been asking about this lately!”  Catherine  


“This is very good!  Thanks for sharing.”  Antot     


ARE of NY “ Treasures in Our Bookstore”


“Come and see our new display of books by respected Cayce scholar and author Elyse Curtis, Ph.D., long-time researcher of the Cayce readings, Professor of Religion and Transpersonal Arts, and Creator/Facilitator of the Center’s Revelation and Cayce Forum/Bible Study Groups. She has refreshed our selection to include several of her previous best-sellers as well as titles that are sought-after by international audiences for insights on metaphysical subjects such as Behind the Veil: A Study of the Birth Caul, I Cried Before I Was Born: Tales My Mother Told Me, and Let There Be Light.”   2/7/14


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Researcher:  Elyse D. Curtis, Ph. D.


The Rev. Dr. Elyse Curtis (Ph. D. Union, Graduate Fellowship NYU, MA Atlantic Univesity, BA Fordham U, MSC All Faiths International Seminary), Professor of Religion and Transpersonal Arts, Artistic Director of Broadway Tomorrow Musical Theatreof the Spirit, actor/dramatist/song writer, author/researcher and creator of Revelation Theology and Science of Light Transpersonal Arts Ministry, has been a student of the Cayce material since 1956, a consistent ARE volunteer in Virginia Beach, where she worked for headquarters as a singer at the Marshalls with her husband, pianist Norman Curtis, and  in NY since 1964 through two separate ARE’s of NY and four locations, where she served on the council in both and as bookstore manager for 14 years.  Currently, Dr. Curtis, whose life has been dedicated to service and study of The Bible, is creator/facilitator of the Revelation and Bible Study/Cayce Forum Study Groups, and Atlantic U. Ambassador.


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