“Let your light so shine before men, that may see your good works,”(Mat. 5:16)


"Men do not light a candle and put it under a bushel, but it is set - SET - on a hill,

that it may give LIFE, light, unto all." – Cayce 341 (Mat.5:15, Mar 4:21, Lu. 11:33)


A Legacy of Cayce-Related Books, Music and Art

By Dedicated Members of the Original ARE of NY:


David Kahn, Dr. Harold Reilly, Shane Miller,  Nell Clairmonte, Audrey Kargere, Linda Quest, Ph.D., Elyse Curtis, Ph.D., Lawrence Steinhart, Linda Goodman, Jeffery Furst, Penny Baker, Members of The Revelation Research Group and the Original Economic Healing Group.   

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EC Legacy Book Club


The book club began on January 28, 2015 seemingly quite by accident at the Bible Study/Cayce Forum with a reading of Chapter One of David Kahn’s book, My Life With Edgar Cayce and is progressing   You are invited to join the book club and also report on any of the books below.  As historic contributions of ARE of NY members, these shinning lights should be proudly displayed for sale in the ARE of NY bookstore and in the Ruth Fortel lending library with respect.                      - Elyse, Curtis, Ph.D.


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Part I - Books


Health and History

. My life with Edgar Cayce  - David Kahn

. Health Through Drugless Therapy  - Dr. Harold J. Reilly

. ARE Remembrances - Elyse Curtis, Ph. D

. Soul Quest, The Legacy  - Life at the ARE - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.

ARE Remembrances

NYARE  Great Research Project – The Revelation

. A Commentary on the book of The Revelation - NYARE

.Ballad of the Revelation from the Musical,  Elyse Curtis, Ph. D

.Story of The Revelation – Video/DVD - Shane Miller

.The Revelation Song Book, Elyse Curtis, Ph. D 


Beauty, Color, Attitudes & Emotions, Economic Healing

.Edgar Cayce’s Secrets of Beauty Through Health -L.M. Steinhart

.Attitudes and Emotions – Jeffery Furst

.Economic Healing – First NYARE Group

.Color and Personality - Audrey Kargere      

Jesus and the Cayce Readings, and Bible Research

.Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus- Jeffery Furst

.Let There Be Light: Creation & Evolution -  Elyse Curtis, Ph. D  

.The Bible as a Handbook for Understand Self - Shane Miller

,Jesus Portrait Post Card - Shane Miller  

Jesus the Transpersonal Realms and the Promises

.Jesus I – A Journey to Ascension- Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.

.Jesus II – The Miracles - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.

.Jesus III – Parables, Prayers and Promise - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.

.Jesus IV – What Jesus Said About That - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.

Meditation, Body, Mind Spirit and AU Research Thesis

.Meditation, A Step Beyond with Edgar Cayce -  Penny Baker

.Behind the Veil, A Study of the Birth Caul - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.

. I Cried Before I Was Born – Elyse Curtis Ph.D.

. Body, Mind Spirit Connections – Elyse Curtis, Ph. D.

AU Research – TP Philosophies and Comparative Religion

.Transpersonal Perspectives Maslow, Cayce, Jung, Frankl, Wilber

. Spiritual Philosophies Plato, Cayce, Steiner, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky

. Religion I Zoroastriunism,  Hindusism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism

. Religion II – Judiasm, Christianity, Islam – Elyse Curtis, Ph. D.

Reincarnation Research

.The Return of Francis Willard -  Jeffrey Furst

.Who Was Who a Past Life Directory - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.      

.Past Lives: Edgar Cayce Soul Group - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.      

.Son of God Son of Man - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.      

Planets, Cycles and Music as the Bridge

. Celestial Influences - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.  

. Visions, Dreams and The Revelation - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.      

. The Bright and Morning Star - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.  

. Song of Songs, Expressions of Love - Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.  

Two Lindas: Politics, Peace and Astrology


Linda Gerber Quest, Ph. D., Professor of Political Science at Pace University, added a new dimension to the contributions from the first NYARE members with Politics of Hope:  An Analysis from the Edgar Cayce Readings and Peace By Choice: based on Edgar Cayce Readings


Mary Alice Kemery aka, Linda Goodman, told of becoming interested in the ARE and astrology when a copy of There Is A River fell on her head while perusing a book shelf.  Her wakeup call led to contributions: Linda Goodman Sun Signs and Linda Goodman Love Signs that made the New York Times bestseller list.


Gifts that keep on Giving - Star Signs and Relationships

Linda Goodman’s book Star Signs: The Secret Codes of the Universe, forgotten rainbows and forgotten melodies of ancient wisdom, was published eleven years after her Sun Signs


Her unpublished work, Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs was published posthumosly in 1998 by Crystal Bush.

Coming: PART II – The Arts:  The Musicals – Poetry – Bible Playbooks  - Rhymes and Reasons

The Rev. Dr. Elyse Curtis (Ph. D. Union, Religion and Transpersonal Arts, Graduate Fellowship NYU, Religious Studies, MA Atlantic Univesity,  Transpersonal Studies, BA Fordham U, Theatre, minor Religious Studies,  All Faiths International Seminary,  MSC, Minister of Spiritual Counseling, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Professor of Religion and Transpersonal Arts, Artistic Director of Broadway Tomorrow Musical Theatreof the Spirit, actor/dramatist/song writer, author/researcher and creator of Revelation Theology and Science of Light Transpersonal Arts Ministry, has been a student of the Cayce material since 1956, a consistent ARE volunteer in Virginia Beach, where she worked for headquarters as a singer at the Marshalls with her husband, pianist Norman Curtis, and  in NY since 1964 through two separate ARE’s of NY and four locations, where she served on the council in both and as bookstore manager for 14 years.  Currently, Dr. Curtis, whose life has been dedicated to service and study of The Bible, is creator/facilitator of the Revelation and Bible Study/Cayce Forum Study Groups, and Atlantic U. Ambassador.  

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