“Let your light so shine before men, that may see your good works,”(Mat. 5:16)


A Legacy of Cayce-Related Books, Music and Art By Dedicated Members of the Original ARE of NY


Part II – Music and Art – The Revelation


Slides by Shane Miller - Poster by Frank Fitzgerald, 

The Musical by Elyse Donathan (Curtis)

 Arrangements by Norman Curtis


The Slides by Shane Miller

The Poster by Frank Fitzgerald

    About The Revelation       The Revelation  Musical     (Click collage to hear finale)


The Revelation Musical, which was received over a three-day period in the apt. in Chelsea where the research of the 24 readings on the Revelation had taken place over a seven-year period resulting the Commentary, opened on September 17, 1971. It was presented as an exploration in consciousness that took the audience on a mystical journey.   The reviewer from Backstage, Demo DiMartile, called it “a descent into the super­conscious demonstrative of a highly spiritual experience.”  


On October 21, 1971 the musical was the opening presentation at the ARE Fall Conference at the Universalist Church on Central Park West. In this performance, the Ballad replaced the narration and previewed the advent of “Rap” in the next pop opera and became the basis for the booklet: Ballad of the Revelation.  Details are documented in the Booklet: Visions Dreams and The Revelation and article “Discovering The Revelation” in Venture Inward Magazine, Nov/Dec, 1996.


Shane Miller - Artist and second Executive Director of the first ARE of New York, who had been one of the original members of the study group that researched the 24 readings on The Revelation that resulted in the Commentary, illustrated the story and created a series of slides that is currently available on DVD.


Frank Fitzgerald - Artist and group member, created the original Poster of the Revelation Musical (which he personally delivered early in the morning to the Village Voice) that is now a collector’s item used for the cover of The Ballad,


Norman Curtis - Pianist, arranger, musical director, created incidental music and music on the theme for the seven dance sequences, made choral arrangements and directed the music. 


Cast of The Revelation Musical

Top Row Center

Pat Hall [also L.] ( Ephesus: 1. Gonads:  Bread) Center: Seven angels of the churches in Asia:

Lawrence Holmes (Pergamos: 3. Adrenals: Debts) Abike JoTayo (Sardis: 5. Thyroid; Will )

Sherie Schanz (Laodicea:  7. Pituitary: Father) Jocelyn Burrell (Philadelphia: 6. Pineal: Name) Kenny deCamp )Thyatira: 4. Thymus: Evil)China Chen [also R].(Smyrna:2 Lyden: Temptation)


Center Row

Herman Gaddy: Flying Angel Beau James: Alpha and Omega (Also R,)


Bottom Row

Left. Sherie Schanz – 7, Jocelyn Burrell 6,  Beau James,   Center: Elyse Donathan (Curtis) Balladeer Right: Regina Beck Lamb before the throne and Kenny de Camp



Norman Curtis, pianist, musical director.


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Researcher: Elyse D. Curtis, Ph.D.

The Rev. Dr. Elyse Curtis (Ph. D. Union, Religion and Transpersonal Arts, Graduate Fellowship NYU, Religious Studies, MA Atlantic Univesity,  Transpersonal Studies, BA Fordham U, Theatre, minor Religious Studies,  All Faiths International Seminary,  MSC, Minister of Spiritual Counseling, Ordained Interfaith Minister, ), Professor of Religion and Transpersonal Arts, Artistic Director of Broadway Tomorrow Musical Theatreof the Spirit, actor/dramatist/song writer, author/researcher and creator of Revelation Theology and Science of Light Transpersonal Arts Ministry, has been a student of the Cayce material since 1956, a consistent ARE volunteer in Virginia Beach, where she worked for headquarters as a singer at the Marshalls with her husband, pianist Norman Curtis, and  in NY since 1964 through two separate ARE’s of NY and four locations, where she served on the council in both and as bookstore manager for 14 years.  Currently, Dr. Curtis, whose life has been dedicated to service and study of The Bible, is creator/facilitator of the Revelation and Bible Study/Cayce Forum Study Groups, and Atlantic U. Ambassador.  

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