Science and religion are one when their purposes are one…

it…(The Light of the beginning) is the science of light.” - Edgar Cayce (5023-2“

That was the true light, which lighted every man that cometh into the world.” (John 1.9)


SOL Transpersonal Arts and Spiritual outreach Study Groups




Beginning in April 1, 2017 the Saturday Revelation Study Group will alternate with the Science of Light Transpersonal State of the Arts, Edgar Cayce Legacy Who Was Who Films from 7-9 p.m.  


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Study Groups created and facilitated by Elyse Curtis, Ph. D., Atlantic University Alumni Ambassador and longtime Edgar Cayce Scholar are held at the ARE of New York, an affiliate of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Edgar Cayce Organization at Virginia, which was created to be “an ecclesiastical, research, as well as a scientific research organization, not of a sect or set - but as the LAW OF ONE!”  - Edgar  Cayce - 254-89

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 Alternating Saturdays 7 p.m. At the Revelation Study Group 




Who Was Who

State of the Art    


Historic eras plus Edgar Cayce Legacy on those who returned


Who Was Who Edgar Cayce Legacy Bible Playbook Series:


Who Was Who: Sex Changes


Why innate traits of one gender imprinted on the soul memory can be overpowering emotionally while in the body of the opposite physical gender is explored through the sex change incarnations throughout the historic eras of those listed in the Who Was Who Past Life Directory Based on the Edgar Cayce Discourses    


Available from Amazon and as an eBook from  Kindle


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SOL Gentle Spirit Chorus Celebrates Events at ARE


If you wish to  solo or sing with the chorus Contact Us    



Music As the Bridge Open Mike and Sing-along


with pianist, Norman Curtis

Composers, Librettists, Singers and Rappers Welcome


Revelation Study Groups – Saturdays 7 P.M.


“For if you will read the Book of Revelation with the idea of the body as the interpretation, you will understand yourself and learn to really analyze, psychoanalyze, mentally analyze others.  But you will have to learn to apply it in self first.” Edgar Cayce 4083-001     About The Revelation     Book Order Form


Bible Study/Cayce Forum Wednesdays 7 p. m.

“Read it (the Bible) to be wise.  Study it to understand.  LIVE it to know that the Christ walks through same with thee.  For, as He gave, in righteousness may ye know those things that have been preserved from the foundations of the worlds in thine own experience.”  - Edgar Cayce - (262-60)  (John 14:26)   Bible Playbook Rhymes and Reasons     Book Order Form

New Cayce Forum Study Group


From Atlantis/Adam to Zebedee - Learn all about the Cayce legacy while experiencing the spiritual journey through song and verse about how life on the spiritual path had been at the original NYARE.   Book Order Form   



Shinning Lights -  A Legacy of Cayce-Related Books, Music and Art By Dedicated Members of the Original ARE of NY:

Penny Baker, Nell Clairmonte, Elyse Curtis, Ph.D., Frank Fitzgerald, Ruth Fortel, Jeffery Furst,  Linda Goodman, David Kahn, Lucille Kahn, Audrey Kargere, Shane Miller,  Linda Quest, Ph.D.,  Dr. Harold Reilly, Lawrence Steinhart,  Members of The Revelation Research Group and the Original Economic Healing Group  ARE of NY Shining Lights Update ShiningLightsPoetry   ShiningLightsBooks     ShiningLightsArts     ECLegacyWho Was Who   Book Order Form

The Way, The Truth and The Light

”For, as He who is the way, the truth and the light, [John 14: 6] came into the world to teach men, to live in such a manner as to convince men that they as individuals are indeed the sons of God and that they should live like such, - thus it behooves EVERYONE that seeks to be a channel of blessing, of hope to others, to first study and know what His life and His precepts are. They are not past finding out. For He has revealed and does reveal Himself to those who seek to know His biddings.” Cayce 412-15

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”  [John 14: 6]                              

Painting by Shane Miller re: Cayce’s description from the Akasha: The Book of Life, confirmed in Shane’s dream.)

ARE Cayce Center of NY, 153 W. 27th St. (7th Fl.)

New York, NY 10001


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  Transpersonal Arts Events:  Donation $10, Members $5

 Study Groups: Free Will donations gratefully accepted


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